It is important for sellers to understand that all agents are not creative equal. I see agents in the market that I wouldn’t trust to sell my used beach cruiser. Then I speak to them and they tell me they have a listing or a buyer and I wonder how…didn’t they meet and talk to you? An agent like this can sometimes follow the three P’s of Real Estate. Post a sign, Put on a lockbox and Pray that someone finds it and wants to buy it. That is their only strategy. The real shame of it all is that the sellers is now tied to this agent for the entire listing period. Because they have no skills they are not able to make a logical presentation of the value of your home based on the other area sales based on location, size and features of the home. So instead the seller sets the price based on emotions. Rather than a slew of buyers and offers they get crickets instead. Then they finally get an offer and its so far below the list price that they now get infuriated and they come looking for someone to blame, namely their agent. This goes on and on for months and either end up giving up and accepting a bad offer take their home off the market all together.

The good agents, the real deals don’t work anything like this. They have a plan and a strategy to prepare your home for sale, devise a marketing strategy, price the home according to the current market performance in addition to the local sales and trends. Then they talk to their clients and come up with a priced based on logic and a plan. Next, they plan all the things that will need to happen prior to the listing hitting the market. The execution of this is important if you want to hit the market on time and as planned. This is where you can see how good your agent really is at being organized. The home is prepared, priced appropriately and is ready to hit the market. The homes makes a splash and because it is prices well, the seller receives multiple offers and sometimes drives the price even higher than originally planned.

Take the time to meet with and interview a few agents to identify a professional that can help you sell your home in a professional setting and get you top dollar for your home.